Challenge: Juv Pixie Dust and Stardust

Did you know unicorns are aliens from outer space?! No? I thought they were made of stardust . . . or was it pixie dust? Hmm, well in any case, complete seven of these nine magical and interstellar challenges to earn this badge.

Completing 7 Tasks will earn: 60 Points


Attend the Jester Jim show on Tuesday 8/13 @ 5 PM

Check out a book about magic tricks

Check out a fantasy or science fiction book

Watch a movie with magic in it

Draw a picture of a magical creature

Show the children’s department a magic trick

Decide what your magical or alien name would be and make a name tag

Attend Rocks from Space! on Wednesday 7/31 @ 7 PM

Take out a book on the sun or stars and learn how stars are made